Achieving comfort needn’t mean sacrificing style. Make your choice from Ermanno Scervino’s slipper collection and discover for yourself how good cosiness can look. Plush, warm and stylish, these delightful homewear slippers are a fine addition to any woman’s daily wardrobe. Whether you are entertaining and desire to make your devotion to fashion known to your houseguests or you simply enjoy the look and feel of fine Italian leather, we are quite sure you will be impressed by our selection of open toe slippers.

Our slipper collection began life as a notion in a creative designer’s mind. Why is so relatively little attention paid in the fashion world to what women actually wear the most? What is keeping firms from designing stylish slippers which are both testaments to fashionableness and luxuriant domesticity? Finding no satisfactory answer to these questions, the endeavour of producing the slipper collection was born. It has been a tremendous success.

Every item which leaves our workshop is tailor-made by Italian craftspeople. Quality control is no mere afterthought but something which sits at the core of our entire process. It is both integral and essential. Our confidence in our designers’ creative powers is equalled by our surety that every piece we sell is flawless. Unrivalled materials like pony and Nappa leather assure that every winter slipper is an art object whose quality is apparent by both sight and feel. We respect our materials and that respect translates to great care being taken throughout the whole production process.

We invite you to browse the collection. Admire the beadwork on our heeled slippers and note the joy manifest in its patterns. Gaze at the delicate yet firm heel supporting the luxuriant heel slipper. Look at the leather on the open toe slippers and imagine how it would be to touch such a marvellous creation.