Discover the masterpieces of needlework and  designer knitwear of the latest Ermanno Scervino collection, the latest inductees to our fashion items selection. We have liberated the concept of the sweater from old fashioned limitations, making oversized knitwear elegant. We have brought the cardigan to new heights. We have added crystals onto our jackets because, well, why not? We’ve made it even broader. 


The purpose of this collection is to prove to the world that women’s knitwear can be as bold, rich and fashionable as any other type of clothing. As in everything else they do, our designers have created these fine examples of ladies’ knitwear using only their own artistic impulses as a guide. They were not limited by outdated notions of what was possible or what was worth making. The result is the bold array of clothes you see below. Long knitwear cardigans, sleeveless sweaters and short tops: these are not simply knitwear tops but manifestations of the fearless creativity of our designers. 


Whether working in lace, lurex, cotton or crystal, our craftspeople take special care to ensure that every piece we sell is as flawless as its design. This begins with the materials they are made of. We use only the finest available. The examples you see on this page are not simply good quality knitwear. They are the best. Experience has taught us to be confident in our finished products and thousands of delighted customers have confirmed it. 


The history of Ermanno Scervino says it once again, all over the world, trying once again to pay homage to Italy traditions and culture. A tradition drawing the path of our future collections without limiting our ability to look forward and imagine a new world of fashion, starting right from our latest collection of knitwear. A collection designed by our stylists to give to each of our customers a great reason to wear, once again, timeless pieces of knitwear.Their beauty and elegance are transposed onto the women who wear them. That is the beauty of fashion and our guiding aim here at Ermanno Scervino.