Ermanno Scervino’s sandal collection includes our fashion pieces for the next season. Bold colours, luscious feather adornments and precious turquoise stones are a few of the features we have fearlessly put onto our latest efforts. All are made and designed in Italy and worn throughout the world by discerning women. Though smaller in size than many of our other collections, this selection of sandals includes some of our designers’ most daring accomplishments yet.

These are sandals for every exciting occasion. Lace-up sandals, heels coming in small and large, are presented here alongside braided heel sandals, slide heel sandals, thong sandals (heels large or small), and more. Adjustable straps will make sure your new Italian shoes fit just right. We accommodate most sizes and styles in order to provide fashionable women’s footwear to tasteful customers who know just the impression they want to make. Step into high fashion by setting your feet in Ermanno Scervino sandals.

Italy has been famous for its footwear for centuries and given the work our designers put out, this reputation shows no sign of abating. The tradition is kept alive by our designers and craftspeople. Made in Italy means these are made to inspire awe and admiration. We use fine leather, precious stones and dazzling synthetic materials to make our sandals stand out and be comfortable to stand in.

Do you see your best self embodying the flashy allure of a bird of paradise with one of our feathered sandals? Are imposing heels the way you like to walk and be seen? Are you drawn to the classical appeal of our elegant take on the timeless slave sandal? Will you support your sole with leather whose quality can be seen and felt, or are you the type who prefers the lurid and showy charms of a synthetic model? Make your choice and see to which exciting new places Ermanno Scervino shoes will take you.