Ermanno Scervino’s latest collection of beachwear features dozens of items to transform your beach holiday into something even grander. Our designers have gone in many creative directions to produce this collection which includes an array of styles and creative cuts. Each is glamorous, modish and worthy of consideration. Look for, find and buy the perfect set, whatever type of beachwear you are searching for. 


Italian beaches are some of the best, and so is the Italian beachwear we’ve designed to celebrate them. Carefully crafted fashion items which are both made in Italy and an embodiment of the grace, stylishness and warmth which characterizes the history of our country. The expertise, tradition and creativity of our people, all condensed in our latest beachwear collection. With a touch of daring personality, as with our linen beachwear or our kimono beachwear sets.


Beaches offer more than just water and so our beachwear collection is more than just swimming costumes. Whether your plans involve dozing in a chair, walking for miles in the sand or rattling through wave after wave, we have the clothes you need to look your best at the beach. Enhance your seaside photographs with our kimono beachwear or stun yourself and others with a set of transparent beachwear as an outer layer. Whichever you choose, you’ll look great in any of our beachwear sets. 


Show off an Italian style with Ermanno Scervino beachwear. Whether you actually make it to the sand or are simply looking for something with that fashionable summer look, our collection of women’s beachwear offers something for everyone. Our elegant, airy tops, swimwear sets and voluptuous skirts are the perfect accompaniment for summer. Those looking to add an extra shine to their look can consider one of our many pieces featuring crystal adornments. Tasteful yet grand, they will add an extra sparkle to your look and your day.